Client Reviews

Good morning Dr. Schwartz - just wanted to let you know my new teeth look beautiful this morning.  Thank you so much for all the hard work and time you put into my smile. I wish everyone had the same passion you have for what they do, it would be a great world!  Again, thank you.  Have a great weekend with your family.

- Kathy Owens

Hi Dr. Schwartz,

Here is a copy of the photos we took in your office the day you set my front teeth. I will never be able to Thank You enough for all the beautiful work you did on my teeth & my lips. You gave me back more than a smile. You gave me back a feeling of joy & happiness I lost that awful night. I haven't really smiled with confidence since the shooting, until now. I was so self conscious about my appearance. It was impossible for me to heal mentally & emotionally from the gunshot wound. I was still not healed physically. Now, I feel whole again. I feel I am healthy Emotionally, Mentally & Physically. My family & friends all say they can see the old Carol is back. Your work made a huge difference in my life. I never thought I could enjoy food again like I do now. It was a chore to eat before. Now it is a pleasure, with the new teeth I can chew again!! I am really enjoying it a bit much..I find myself, for the first time in my life, having to watch what I eat.

It feels great to go through my day smiling!! It is contagious!! When you smile at someone they smile back & that is a wonderful feeling. I just have a good feeling about myself again & not re-living that horrible night in my sleep anymore is a blessing. Not chewing on my lip anymore is a huge relief, not to mention my lips are beautiful again. This Thanksgiving I will sit at the table with our family & thank God for our many blessings & we just want to tell you, you are one of them for us.  We hope you & your family have a Wonderful Thanksgiving!!!

- Carol Pequeno