About Dr. Schwartz

Out of 120,000 dentists in the United States, Dr. John Schwartz is one of only four dentists that have also earned the title of Master Ceramist. A master ceramist is one who can construct the highest quality dental restorations. A master ceramist is a very skilled artisan that has many years of training in the art and science of cosmetic dentistry, including ceramic and dental porcelain sculpting and construction of restorations. Extensive training and study are only part of the chemistry that makes onea master ceramist. Not every ceramist possesses  the skill set and talent to become a Master.  A master ceramist possesses the ability to create restorations that are indistinguishable from nature.

Dr. Schwartz has been called the Picasso of cosmetic dentistry. But what does that actually mean – to be “the artist” of cosmetic dentistry?

Many dentists purport to be “the artists” of cosmetic dentistry, but are they really? Who, after all, “creates” the outcome of the beautiful smiles of cosmetic dentistry?The visual outcome of any cosmetic dental makeover is the end result of the ceramist.Dentists are rarely ceramists. The ceramist is the artist that is commissioned by the dentist to create the cosmetic restorations. A ceramist is an artisan that hand sculpts, hand paints and hand fires ceramic materials into dental restorations.  There is a wide range with regard to the quality of dental restorations that are created and placed in patients’ mouths. Some restorations are designed by masters. Most are not.

The secret no one is sharing with you!

As you realize the importance of your appearance, who will you trust to maximize the “Power of Your Smile” so that you present the best possible “You”?

The Secret:  Seek out a Cosmetic Dentist who is also Master Ceramist.
Congratulations! You just discovered one of 4 dentists in the U.S. that is also a Master Ceramist.

“I believe that your smile is the most powerful conduit in creating the most positive asset of your personality.”

“Who sees the smile correctly -- the mirror?, the photographer?, or the artist?
The challenge as a master ceramist becomes marrying all three.”
– Dr. John C. Schwartz