Aesthetic Smile Lifts are for those who want to change their smiles.

The aesthetic smile lift is a modern concept of changing the shapes and the color of your teeth to enhance your smile and create that beautiful look you desire. You may want your smile to be whiter, you may want to improve upon crowding, or you may want to improve upon worn or discolored teeth. The aesthetic smile lift is a process by which your smile is rejuvenated and enhanced. An aesthetic smile lift will give a “wow factor” to your smile.

Aesthetic smile lifts are first designed with a compilation of photographs, and diagnostic waxing of your teeth. Diagnostic waxing is a process whereby Dr. Schwartz will convey what changes you want in your smile utilizing wax as his sculpting medium.  Once the desired outcome is communicated, and you like what you see,  a treatment sequence can be developed to create your beautiful new look.

Utilizing what Dr. Schwartz calls the Color Logic Analysis protocol he will discover your “Aesthetic Keyway”. He will take this information and sketch in a pencil drawing the proposed ceramic design changes outlining all of the ceramic layers and colors he will be using in your case to produce a high quality aesthetic result.