When you look at a person’s face you notice two things, the eyes and the mouth.

Even though you look at the eyes first, it is the mouth that impacts your first impression the most. It is said that the eyes express presence, but the mouth expresses mood. Full lips are associated with feelings of friendliness, success and honesty. When lips are full and well defined they impart a sense of youth, health and attractiveness. Thin lips project age and masculinity. Fuller lips are associated with a significantly higher degree of sexual attractiveness and femininity.

But remember this...cosmetic lip augmentation is just that...cosmetic. People can live their entire lives with thin lips. Nothing draws more attention than a botched lip job. I started augmenting lips because I was finding patients going else where and getting the horrid “duck lips” following my smile makeovers. The lips, as the frame of my artistic creations, were affecting my post operative makeover results.  My goal in augmenting lips is to establish a natural look that compliments my makeovers, if necessary.