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I just wanted to drop you a note about the impact your Color Logic course had on me. I definitely don't look at teeth the same way. It is amazing what you can see when you know what to look for. You have probably figured out that, while some of the participants in the course learn for the sake of learning, others will actually implement  the concepts you taught. I am enjoying being in the group that tries to implement them. I know when I teach, it is the greatest joy to see a student embracing what was taught and having it impact the way they practice and in the lives of the patients your students treat. I look forward to our paths crossing again in the future. Thanks again.
Very sincerely,
- Chris P. Farrugia, DDS,  Pensacola FL

The Integra Institute is a first class absolute state of art learning facility.
- Freddie Char CDT, Des Moines, IA

John, your knowledge and command of ceramic is masterful! Since I have trained with you I have discovered the relationship between color and form. Excellent course John, thank you.
- Melanie Andrews DDS, Destrahan, LA

Before I trained with Johnny I struggled with the affects and outcome of color choices
Johnny’s knowledge and command of ceramic is amazing. I believe the results of my training with Johnny at the Integra Institute has given me a better understanding of how color and shape enhances laminates/crown design.
- Susan Taylor DDS, Newport Beach CA

Dr. Schwartz,
I really wanted to let you know how much your Color Logic course exceeded my expectations. Your techniques are so conducive to learning that I came back from the lab feeling confident in the fact that I can create masterful restorations. Thank you and Ginger for the hospitality, great company, delicious food, and wine. When time permits I will definitely be back.
- Marcelle Meche CDT, Lafayette, LA

Hi Johnny.  First of all, the course was beyond great. It was both exhilarating and deeply humbling at the same time. I will certainly never look at teeth the same way. And, before I forget, dinner at Bayona was fabulous.... food, fellowship, and fun!  Thank you again for that. 
For me, the paradigm shift in thinking is to look at restorations from the tooth to the surface, rather than vice versa. It opens an exciting new world. Mastering the concepts you taught us starts with the eye, goes to the brain, and then has to get to the hands. Anyway, great experience, and I hope we do keep in touch as I thoroughly enjoyed both meeting you (finally) and learning from you.
- Chris Farrugia DDS,  Pensacola FL
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